Scraper Grid Zone

Make a good entrance

First step - "Scraper Grid Zone"

In the first zone, normally outside the entrance door, a recessed scraper grid is installed.

Kabe Mat Original Zone

Make a good entrance

Second step - "Kabe Mat Original Zone"

In the second zone a recessed Kabe Mat Original is installed
- if possible in the full length of the entry.

Textile Zone

Make a good entrance

Third step - "Textile Zone"

In the third zone a textile mat should be installed for collecting smaller dirt particles.

Kabe Mat Original

Kabe Mat Original

Kabe Mat Original is a combination of scraper grid and door mat for use indoors and out. The corrugated rubber strips bend easily when trod on and spring back with sufficient force...

Scraper Grid

Scraper Grid

Scraper Grid made of hot dip galvanized steel for outdoor use. A good complementary product to Kabe Mat Original.


Fantastic guarantee on fantastic products!

Our products are made in Sweden and are of very high quality, which is why we can give a guarantee of up to 10 years!

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Tactile indicators for Kåbe Mat Original!

With our tactile indicators, you can create a guiding path to lead and help with orientation.

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Kabe Combi Mat

With Kåbe-Mattan's Swedish made products, you can make a smart and practical entrance, outdoors as well as indoors.

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Three steps to greater steps

Three steps to greater steps

Hardly no-one stops to wipe off his shoes in a public entrance area. The dirt must be walked off. In order to achieve the right function it is important to have the right length and width on the wipe off zone and make sure that people really pass it when they walk into a building.