Outlet Grid

Outlet Grid

Self cleaning

Open cantilever hot dip galvanized steel support for Kabe Mat Original. It is used to get a self cleaning function when dirt falls through both the mat and the outlet grid down in a deeper well. The well only has to be cleaned perhaps 1-2 times per year depending on the intensity of the pedestrian traffic. Kabe Outlet Grid is made of perforated sheet welded on to a grating.

The perforated sheet works as a firm and level surface for the mat, as a flange against the edge of the well and its open structure allows the dirt to fall through.

The edge of the well shall be 25 mm high in order to fit with the outlet grid in combination with the Kabe Mat Original. Kabe Outlet Grid is cantilever up to max. 1200 mm with load 500 kg/m².

Materials and construction

Perforated sheet SS 1142-32.

3 mm.

Holes Ø 15 mm division 20 mm in triangular pattern.


Mesh opening 38 x 94 mm (free opening).

Flat bar 25 x 3 mm.

Twisted square bar 6 mm.

Made to measurements max. 1000 x 1260 mm (A x B) in one piece. Larger areas are divided into proper sizes.

Max 1200 mm in load bearing bar direction.

33 kg/m².

Hot dip galvanized according to SS-EN ISO 1461.

Install Kabe Outlet Grid as follows:

The outlet grids are supplied made to measurement. Just put them on place.

Kabe Outlet Grid

Maintain Kabe Outlet Grid as follows:

KKabe Outlet Grid doesn't require any special care.

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