Wipe off zone

Tänk efter föreGet it right from the start

A lot of the dirt that's dragged into the floors in a building can be stopped in a simple and effective way. Remember to consider your wipe off zone when you are planning for your new floor.

If you have forgotten the wipe off zone it is never too late to correct it. We can help you!


Hardly no-one stops to wipe off his shoes in a public entrance area. The dirt must be walked off. In order to achieve the right function it is important to have the right length and width on the wipe off zone and make sure that people really pass it when they walk into a building.

Strive to take at least 3 steps with each foot on each zone.

There is much to be gained!

A correctly designed wiping zone provides many long term benefits for people, the environment, the floor and the economy.

Den onda och goda cirkeln

Multiple wipe off zonesMultiple wipe off zones for better function

  1. In the first zone, normally outside the entrance door, a recessed scraper grid is installed. To avoid constant cleaning, the grid is preferably installed over a pit where dirt can be collected. This is especially helpful in wintertime when people are more aware of sludge and dirt and therefore wipe their shoes on the grid.

  2. In the second zone a recessed Kabe Mat Original is installed - if possible in the full length of the entry. In the wintertime this serves as second collector of coarse dirt and sludge. However it will work all year round, stopping debris and moisture from entering the premises. The corrugated rubber strips collapse slightly under the weight of visitors and, as the weight is removed, the rubber strips spring back with sufficient force to remove dirt and moisture from the shoesoles. So shoesoles are cleaned without wiping.

  3. In the third zone a textile mat should be installed for collecting smaller dirt particles and in order to absorb any remaining moisture.

Also remember that other measures can be taken to prevent the dirt from being dragged into the floors, as for example clean, warm and hard made surfaces outside the entrance.

Scraper Grid Zone

1. Scraper Grid Zone

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Kabe Mat Original Zone

2. Kabe Mat Original Zone

The Kabe Mat Original effectivly removes dirt and moisture. Read more »

Textile Zone

3. Textile Zone

The textile mat is collecting smaller dirt particles and absorbing any remaining moisture.