Kabe Combi Mat 12/18

Kabe Combi Mat 12/18

Low, roll-up aluminium Combi mat

The Kåbe Combi 12/18 is a lower version of the Kåbe Combi Mat, with a height of 12 or 18 mm. High-heel-friendly, roll-up mat with black, grey, or brown brush strips. Other alternatives are with grey or black rubber strips or with ribbed textile strips.

Kåbe Combi 12/18 is available in the following alternatives: Kåbe Combi Brush, Kåbe Combi Textile and Kåbe Combi Rubber. Also available in the heights 12 and 18 mm.

  • Recessed or on the floor installation
  • Combination possibilities
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Weather-resistant
  • Roll-up

The alternatives can also be combined with one another in the same mat. For the Kåbe Combi Textile, there are a large number of colour options.

Suitable indoors. A good alternative to the Kåbe Original Mat where it is not possible to prevent the passage of heavy trolleys.

Materials and construction

Natural anodised aluminium alloy. Stainless steel wire Ø 3 mm, jointing.

Black, grey, brown brush.

Black, red, sand, brown, grey, anthracite grey, ribbed textile strip.

Black or grey.

Approximately 12 or 18 mm.

Standard separation between profiles approx. 5mm.

Custom-made. The mat is divided into suitably sized sections to cover larger areas.

Kåbe  Combi 12 mm:  14  kg/m².
Kåbe Combi: 18 mm:  16  kg/m².


Install Kabe Combi Mat 12/18 as follows:

Generally speaking, all types of mat should always be laid on a level, solid surface.

In a mat well edged with a casting frame Kabe 12R, Kabe 20R or Kabe 22R.

Always give measurements A = width and B = length with specifications and when ordering..

On existing floor
with incline or step


If the mat lies on an incline or steps, it is best to insert studs in the floor or steps to prevent the mat from slipping.

On existing floor
- to prevent the risk of tripping


Mats can be provided with Kabe Mat Ramp type 1 on the ends to prevent the risk of tripping.

On existing floor
- against doorsill or step


If the mat lies against a doorsill or step, a Kabe Mat Ramp type 1 can be fitted to the front edge.

Recessed surface on existing floor
- mat ramp around the mat


Kabe Mat Ramp type 2 on all four sides of the mat. The ramp is not attached to the mat and should be screwed to the floor if possible.

Recessed surface on existing floor
- against doorsill or step


Kabe Mat Ramp type 2 can be placed on two or three sides if the mat lies against a doorsill or step. Ramps should be securely screwed to the floor.

In a mat well
- should be recessed 20 - 22 mm


The mat should be recessed 20 - 22 mm. The Kabe casting frame is recommended to protect surrounding floor edges.

Existing mat well
- recess less than 20 mm


If the recess is 15-19 mm deep, use Kabe Mat Original, height 18 mm. If a mat is placed in a well of less than 15 mm, fit Kabe special ramps at both ends.

Drainage in the mat well
- drain


Kabe drains have an effective sand separator. With or without water trap.

Mats over drainage grids
- self-cleaning effect


To achieve a self-cleaning effect, place the mat on a Kabe drainage grid in a deeper recess.

How to maintain the Kåbe Combi 12/18

Vacuum as a daily routine. Remove dirt that has collected by rolling up the mat at regular intervals. For large mats, roll the mat to halfway from both directions.

Also clean the top of the mat at regular intervals to remove any dirt that has fastened.

It is best to rotate the mat by one half turn once a year to spread the wear.

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