Kabex EM-Grid

Kabex EM-Grid

For small entrances

Hot dip galvanized scraper grid made of expanded metal

Scraper grid made of expanded metal especially for small entrances. Good scraping effect in combination with good permeability and skid-protection.

A grid that should be used where people really perform wipe off movements with their feet, as for example muddy Wellingtons, or in slippery surroundings.

Materials and construction

35 x 12 mm (free opening).

Made to measurements max. 1000 x 1000 mm (A x B) in one piece. Standard sizes with height 25 mm are in stock, fitting the standard casting frame type Kabe 25R.

25 - 50 mm in 5 mm intervals.

60 %.

Flat bar 25 x 2 mm in the walking direction, B-direction.

Flat bar 25 x 2 mm.

Approx 16 kg/m².

Hot dip galvanized according to SS-EN ISO 1461.

Stocked standard dimensions
AxB (mm)
590 x 290 590 x 390
790 x 490  

Install Kabex EM-Grid as follows:

Installation alternatives

To be installed on an even and solid surface. If the grid is to be laid in a mat well it is recommended to use a casting frame with lugs to protect the floor and get a nice looking installation, as for example the Kabe casting frame type 25R.

Maintain Kabe EM-Grid as follows:

Lift the grid and remove collected dirt when needed. The grid doesn't require any special care.

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