Assembly and installation

If you need help to recess a door mat in an existing floor or install one on the floor, we're here to help you? Maybe you need to replace or renovate your door mat or require on-site advice on how to best lay out a well-functioning wiping zone at your particular entrance?

Contact our flexible partners, who have broad theoretical and practical experience of entrance matting and scraper grids.

Greater Stockholm and Mälardalen

Sören Thylin, ST Teknik
Phone: 08-712 40 00
Mobile: 0704-91 00 94

ST Teknik

Southern Sweden

Dag Malmkvist, Terrazzo AB
Phone: 040-92 45 39
Mobile: 073-360 50 78

Terrazzo AB

Göteborg Region

Martin Löhesaar, Ajour Trading
Mobile: 0707 - 90 77 04

Ajour Trading