Kåbe-Mattan has produced entrance mats since the company was founded in 1944. And over the 70 years since then, the primary focus has always been quality and product development. That in Sweden our Original is the market's foremost product bears witness to the success of our approach. We are, naturally, proud of our market leading position, but that doesn't mean that we are satisfied. Development continues. We are also careful to retain the knowledge and craftsmanship that enable us to maintain the high quality of all our products. Much of the work is done by hand. In our factory at Fjugesta outside Örebro, we create unique entrance solutions on a daily basis. Tradition is important in our craft, but, at the same time, there is a constant need to employ modern processes and improve efficiency.

70 years in the business has given us broad experience of every need and request that can possibly exist for an entrance. But tradition is not everything. New thinking is also very important to us. We feel that there is always room for improvement. A good example of successful product development is our new serrated Original mat. We took a leading product and made it better. According to the National Testing Institute, it has 13 per cent better dirt and grit removal capability than our previous leading model. This results in an even cleaner indoor environment and easier cleaning. Better for both you and the environment.

The primary purpose of entrance matting is to remove all the dirt from the shoes passing over it. A Kabe entrance is therefore often provided with three zones, Kabex scraper grid zone, Kabe Original zone and Kabe textile zone. It has been shown that this system protects floors exceptionally well.

Another product that we are especially proud of is our convection grills. These are designed to provide free air flow at the same time as preventing the entry of small objects. Good quality air is an important environmental factor and our convection grills for window sills and floors help you provide it. Our products are found throughout the country, in shopping centres and housing, arenas and museums. If you want a top class entrance, contact us!

Our mats are 100 % recyclable. We take them in and recycle them when they have done their job. Don't expect this to happen too soon though; they last a long time. Our products are provided with a guarantee for up to 10 years.


In our factory at Fjugesta outside Örebro, we create unique entrance solutions on a daily basis.