Kåbe-Mattan offers a complete range of entrance mats and scraper grids with accessories to suit any entrance with regard to wiping effect, durability, design etc. Our best known and most effective product is Kabe Original. The standard model comes with black Epdm rubber and natural aluminium. Other models are available with grey rubber and black or gold anodised aluminium.

Kåbe-Mattan also offers convection grills for use where unrestricted air flow is required through a window sill in the home, radiator cover in the office or a channel in the sports hall floor, places where curious fingers or other small objects should be prevented from entering. Cool air on a hot summers day, warm air on a cold winters day. Good quality air all year round.

Convection grills are also used in flooring where air flow is needed to prevent cold draughts and shop windows or glass facades from misting up.

Kabe Original is building product approved by Svensk Byggtjänst (Swedish Building Service) and environmentally approved by Byggvarubedömningen (Environmental Evaluation of Building Products). Kabe Original is also registered in the BASTA system, which means that it complies with set criteria concerning building materials that are harmful to both the environment and health, see

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Informative labelling approved by: Svensk Byggtjänst

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Kabe Mat Original

Kabe Mat OriginalKabe Mat Original

Kabe Mat Original is a combination of scraper grid and door mat for use indoors and out. The corrugated rubber strips bend easily when trod on and spring back with sufficient force when the pressure is being released to cause dirt and moisture to be swept from shoes through simply walking over the mat.

Natural aluminium is standard but can also be provided in black or gold anodized aluminium.

No conscious shoe cleaning effort is called for. The dirt removed from the shoes falls down between the corrugated rubber strips and is hidden from view. Consequently, Kabe Mat Original maintains its cleaning effect without appearing dirty for a long time.

Kabe Combi Mat

Kabe Combi MatKabe Combi Mat

Aluminium, high-heels-friendly, durable and roll-up mat, which is available in the two following alternatives; Kåbe Combi and Kåbe Combi 12/18.

Kabex Grid

Kabex GridKabex Grid

Scraper grid made of hot dip galvanized steel mainly for outdoor use.

Kabex Special Grid comes in different variants, with or without scraper strips in steel or rubber.

Casting Frames, Ramp Frames, Outlet Grid

Casting Frames, Ramp Frames, Outlet GridCasting Frames, Ramp Frames, Outlet Grid

Kabe casting frames are made of a special aluminium alloy that is resistant to concrete.