Guidance at projecting

Type of mat Location Field of Cleaning frequency Constant effect
Outdoor Indoor application 1) High 2) Low 3) Yes 4) No 5)
Kabe Mat Original X X 23 34   X X  
Kabe Eco Mat   X 23 32   X X  
Kabe Mat de Luxe X X 23 32 X   X  
Kabe Multiguard   X 23 34 X     X
Kabe Textile   X 23 32 X     X
Kabe Combi Textile   X 23 32 X     X
Kabe Combi Brush X X 23 33 X   X  
Kabe Coirmat   X 23 31 X     X
Coral Brush   X 23 33 X     X
Kabex Special Grid X   23 34   X X  

1) The products are adapted to floor classes according to SS-EN 685. For domestic use there are the classes 21-23. For offices, department stores, schools and so on the classes 31-34 are recommended. A higher class within each field of application means better resistance towards wear and tear.
2) The dirt appears quickly. A high cleaning frequency is needed.
3) Hides dirt well. Low cleaning frequency is needed.
4) The wipe off effect is constantly high.
5) The wipe off effect deteriorates when the mat is getting dirty or wet.

The European standard SS-EN 685

By using the new European Standard SS-EN 685 different types of floorings can be classified into 3 different wear and tear classes for domestic, public and industrial use. For domestic use: classes 21-23; public use: 31-34 and industrial use: 41-43. The higher the number, the better the resistance to wear and tear. Examples of different premises in the group "public use" are according to the standard 31 = bedrooms in hotels, 32 = classrooms, 33 = department stores and 34 = airports.

We have tested and ranked our entrance mats according to this system in order to make it easier to choose the right entrance mat for the right purpose. If the flooring needs to be wear and tear class 32 , the entrance mat should be class 32 or higher. It is always, of course, allowed to use a better product than what is functionally needed.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions on this system. The standard SS-EN 685 in its entirety can be ordered from SIS on tel. +46 (0)585-255 50.