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Our site works best with more modern versions of common browsers. We recommend any of the following browsers:

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If other browsers are used some pages are displayed incorrectly. If the site does not work, it may be that JavaScript and / or Cookies are not turned on in your browser. Check as follows:

  • In Internet Explorer, the option Tools / Internet Options / Security / Custom Level / Scripting / Active scripting to be enabled and the checkbox Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / Advanced / Override automatic cookie handling is not be marked.
  • In Firefox the checkboxes Tools / Options / Privacy / cakes / Allow sites to set Cookies and Tools / Options / Content / Enable JavaScript be selected.
  • In Safari, go under the Safari menu / Security and select the box Enable JavaScript and select the option Always to the right of the Accept Cookies. Other browsers may be the way in which JavaScript and Cookies enabled look different, but usually the options that normally appear in your browser settings.


Our website contains cookies. A cookie is a small data file that the site saves in your computer.

Cookies are stored temporarily in your computer

We use session cookies and session ID in order for you to see the different pages in a correct way. The cookie is not stored on your computer after you close your browser. This type of cookie is used to communication between your computer and our server. It gives us no information about you as a user and it can not transmit viruses to you.

You can turn off the cookie

If you do not accept the use of Cookies, you can change the setting in your browser to not allow cookies. However, this will do to the web page will not work for you.


Several of the site's services require that Javascript is turned on for operation. See how to check if Javascript is turned on under the heading Browser.

Colors and resolution

In order to display the images with good quality the computer's video card should be set to display at least 256 colors, preferably more.

The site is designed for a screen resolution of 1024x768.

Downloading files

To open a file - click on the link. Links to files automatically opened in new windows.

To save the download file, right click the mouse on the link and select Save Target As. Give the file a name and choose where to save.

To open PDF files, we recommend the Acrobat Reader.


You can see what each area contains at our sitemap.


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